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Nrl 2016 Live

2016 National Rugby League (NRL) Fixtures, dates, Times & TV info

Round 1
Thu 3 MarEelsBroncosPirtek StadiumNine8:05PM
Fri 4 MarSea EaglesBulldogsBrooksvale OvalNine8:05PM
Sat 5 MarRaidersPanthersGIO StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 5 MarTigersWarriorsCampbelltown StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 5 MarCowboysSharks1300SMILES StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 6 MarRoostersRabbitohsAllianz StadiumNine4:00PM
Sun 6 MarTitansKnightsCbus Super StadiumFox6:30PM
Mon 7 MarStormDragonsAAMI ParkFox7:00PM
Round 2
Thu 10 MarPanthersBulldogsPepper StadiumNine8:05PM
Fri 11 MarBroncosWarriorsSuncorp StadiumNine8:05PM
Sat 12 MarRaidersRoostersGIO StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 12 MarRabbitohsKnightsANZ StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 12 MarEelsCowboysPirtek StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 13 MarSharksDragonsShark ParkNine4:00PM
Sun 13 MarStormTitansAAMI ParkFox6:30PM
Mon 14 MarTigersSea EaglesLeichhardt OvalFox7:00PM
Round 3
Thu 17 MarCowboysRoosters1300SMILES StadiumNine8:05PM
Fri 18 MarBulldogsEelsANZ StadiumNine8:05PM
Sat 19 MarKnightsRaidersHunter StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 19 MarPanthersBroncosPepper StadiumFox7:30PM
Sat 19 MarTitansTigersCbus Super StadiumFox9:30PM
Sun 20 MarWarriorsStormMt Smart StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 20 MarDragonsRabbitohsSCGNine4:00PM
Mon 21 MarSea EaglesSharksBrookvale OvalFox7:00PM
Round 4
Fri 25 MarRabbitohsBulldogsANZ StadiumNine4:00PM
Fri 25 MarBroncosCowboysSuncorp StadiumNine8:05PM
Sat 26 MarRaidersTitansGIO StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 26 MarRoostersSea EaglesAllianz StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 27 MarDragonsPanthersWIN StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 28 MarWarriorsKnightsMt Smart StadiumFox2:00PM
Mon 28 MarTigersEelsANZ StadiumFox4:00PM
Mon 28 MarSharksStormShark ParkFox7:00PM
Round 5
Thu 31 MarSea EaglesRabbitohsBrookvale OvalNine8:05PM
Fri 1 AprTitansBroncosCbus Super StadiumNine8:05PM
Sat 2 AprStormKnightsAAMI ParkFox3:00PM
Sat 2 AprTigersSharksCampbelltown StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 2 AprCowboysDragons1300SMILES StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 3 AprRoostersWarriorsAllianz StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 3 AprEelsPanthersPirtek StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 4 AprBulldogsRaidersBelmore Sports GroundFox7:00PM
Round 6
Thu 7 AprBroncosDragonsSuncorp StadiumNine7:50PM
Fri 08 AprRabbitohsRoostersANZ StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 09 AprEelsRaidersPirtek StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 09 AprWarriorsSea EaglesMt Smart StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 09 AprPanthersCowboysPepper StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 10 AprSharksTitansShark ParkFox2:00PM
Sun 10 AprKnightsTigersHunter StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 11 AprStormBulldogsAAMI ParkFox7:00PM
Round 7
Thu 14 AprSea EaglesEelsBrookvale OvalNine7:50PM
Fri 15 AprCowboysRabbitohs1300SMILES StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 16 AprTitansDragonsCbus Super StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 16 AprBulldogsWarriorsWestpac StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 16 AprBroncosKnightsSuncorp StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 17 AprRaidersSharksGIO StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 17 AprTigersStormLeichhardt OvalNine4:00PM
Mon 18 AprRoostersPanthersAllianz StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 8
Fri 22 AprBroncosRabbitohsSuncorp StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 23 AprBulldogsTitansANZ StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 23 AprRaidersTigersGIO StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 23 AprCowboysEels1300Smiles StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 24 AprSharksPanthersShark ParkNine4:00PM
Mon 25 AprKnightsSea EaglesHunter StadiumFox2:00PM
Mon 25 AprDragonsRoostersAllianz StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 25 AprStormWarriorsAAMI ParkFox7:00PM
Round 9
Thu 28 AprRabbitohsTigersANZ StadiumNine7:50PM
Fri 29 AprEelsBulldogsANZ StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 30 AprPanthersRaidersCarrington ParkFox3:00PM
Sat 30 AprRoostersKnightsCentral Coast StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 30 AprSea EaglesCowboysBrookvale OvalFox7:30PM
Sun 1 MayWarriorsDragonsMt Smart StadiumFox12:00PM
Sun 1 MayTitansStormCbus Super StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 1 MaySharksBroncosShark ParkNine4:00PM
Round 10
Thu 12 MayDragonsRaidersJubilee OvalNine7:50PM
Fri 13 MayEelsRabbitohsPirtek StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 14 MayPanthersWarriorsAMI StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 14 MayStormCowboysSuncorp StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 14 MaySea EaglesBroncosSuncorp StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 15 MayKnightsSharksHunter StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 15 MayTigersBulldogsANZ StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 16 MayTitansRoostersCbus Super StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 11
Thu 19 MayRabbitohsDragonsANZ StadiumNine7:50PM
Fri 20 MayCowboysBroncos1300Smiles StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 21 MayTigersKnightsCampbelltown StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 21 MayWarriorsRaidersYarrow StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 21 MaySharksSea EaglesShark ParkFox7:30PM
Sun 22 MayPanthersTitansPepper StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 22 MayBulldogsRoostersANZ StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 23 MayEelsStormPirtek StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 12
Fri 27 MayBroncosTigersSuncorp StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 28 MayDragonsCowboysWIN StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 29 MayRaidersBulldogsGIO StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 30 MayKnightsEelsHunter StadiumFox7:00PM
State of Origin 1
Wed 1 JunNSWQueenslandANZ StadiumNine8:15PM
Round 13
Fri 3 JunRaidersSea EaglesGIO StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 4 JunWarriorsBroncosMt Smart StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 4 JunCowboysKnights1300Smiles StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 4 JunStormPanthersAAMI ParkFox7:30PM
Sun 5 JunRoostersTigersAllianz StadiumNine4:00PM
Sun 5 JunRabbitohsTitansnib StadiumFox6:30PM
Mon 6 JunBulldogsSharksANZ StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 14
Thu 9 JunBroncosRaidersSuncorp StadiumNine7:50PM
Fri 10 JunTigersRabbitohsANZ StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 11 JunKnightsWarriorsHunter StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 11 JunEelsTitansTIO StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 11 JunRoostersStormAllianz StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 12 JunSea EaglesPanthersBrookvale OvalNine4:00PM
Mon 13 JunDragonsBulldogsANZ StadiumFox4:00PM
Mon 13 JunSharksCowboysShark ParkFox7:00PM
Round 15
Fri 17 JunRabbitohsEelsANZ StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 18 JunDragonsStormWIN StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 19 JunWarriorsRoostersMt Smart StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 20 JunTitansSea EaglesCbus Super StadiumFox7:00PM
State of Origin 2
Wed 22 JunQueenslandNSWSuncorpNine8:15PM
Round 16
Fri 24 JunPanthersRabbitohsPepper StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 25 JunKnightsDragonsHunter StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 25 JunSharksWarriorsShark ParkFox5:30PM
Sat 25 JunBulldogsBroncosANZ StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 26 JunTitansRaidersCbus Super StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 26 JunStormTigersAAMI ParkNine4:00PM
Mon 27 JunCowboysSea Eagles1300Smiles StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 17
Thu 30 JunRoostersBulldogsAllianz StadiumNine7:50PM
Fri 1 JulBroncosStormSuncorp StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 2 JulWarriorsTitansMt Smart StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 2 JulTigersPanthersANZ StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 2 JulSharksEelsShark ParkFox7:30PM
Sun 3 JulRaidersKnightsGIO StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 3 JulRabbitohsCowboysBarlow ParkNine4:00PM
Mon 4 JulSea EaglesDragonsBrookvale OvalFox7:00PM
Round 18
Fri 8 JulEelsRoostersPirtek StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 9 JulBulldogsTigersANZ StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 10 JulPanthersSharksPepper StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 11 JulRaidersCowboysGIO StadiumFox7:00PM
State of Origin 3
Wed 13 JulNSWQueenslandANZ StadiumNine8:15PM
Round 19
Fri 15 JulDragonsTitansJubilee OvalNine7:50PM
Sat 16 JulSea EaglesWarriorsnib StadiumFox3:30PM
Sat 16 JulRabbitohsBroncosANZ StadiumFox7:30PM
Sun 17 JulKnightsStormHunter StadiumFox2:00PM
Sun 17 JulPanthersEelsPepper StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 18 JulRoostersSharksAllianz StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 20
Thu 21 JulCowboysBulldogs1300Smiles StadiumNine7:50PM
Fri 22 JulBroncosPanthersSuncorp StadiumNine7:50PM
Sat 23 JulRaidersWarriorsGIO StadiumFox3:00PM
Sat 23 JulTitansEelsCbus Super StadiumFox5:30PM
Sat 23 JulStormRoostersAAMI ParkFox7:30PM
Sun 24 JulSharksKnightsShark ParkFox2:00PM
Sun 24 JulDragonsTigersANZ StadiumNine4:00PM
Mon 25 JulRabbitohsSea EaglesAllianz StadiumFox7:00PM
Round 21
TBCBulldogsDragonsANZ StadiumTBCTBC
TBCTitansSharksCbus Super StadiumTBCTBC
TBCSea EaglesKnightsBrookvale OvalTBCTBC
TBCWarriorsPanthersMt Smart StadiumTBCTBC
TBCCowboysStorm1300Smiles StadiumTBCTBC
TBCEelsTigersANZ StadiumTBCTBC
TBCRabbitohsRaidersANZ StadiumTBCTBC
TBCRoostersBroncosAllianz StadiumTBCTBC
Round 22
TBCSharksRaidersShark ParkTBCTBC
TBCTitansWarriorsCbus Super StadiumTBCTBC
TBCStormRabbitohsAAMI ParkTBCTBC
TBCKnightsBulldogsHunter StadiumTBCTBC
TBCEelsSea EaglesPirtek StadiumTBCTBC
TBCPanthersRoostersPepper StadiumTBCTBC
TBCDragonsBroncosWIN StadiumTBCTBC
TBCTigersCowboysLeichhardt OvalTBCTBC
Round 23
TBCBroncosEelsSuncorp StadiumTBCTBC
TBCRaidersStormGIO StadiumTBCTBC
TBCBulldogsSea EaglesANZTBCTBC
TBCWarriorsRabbitohsMt Smart StadiumTBCTBC
TBCKnightsPanthersHunter StadiumTBCTBC
TBCDragonsSharksJubilee OvalTBCTBC
TBCRoostersCowboysAllianz StadiumTBCTBC
TBCTigersTitansCampbelltown StadiumTBCTBC
Round 24
TBCBroncosBulldogsSuncorp StadiumTBCTBC
TBCRaidersEelsGIO StadiumTBCTBC
TBCSea EaglesStormBrookvale OvalTBCTBC
TBCKnightsTitansHunter StadiumTBCTBC
TBCCowboysWarriors1300Smiles StadiumTBCTBC
TBCPanthersTigersPepper StadiumTBCTBC
TBCRabbitohsSharksANZ StadiumTBCTBC
TBCRoostersDragonsAllianz StadiumTBCTBC
Round 25
TBCBulldogsCowboysBelmore Sports GroundTBCTBC
TBCSharksRoostersShark ParkTBCTBC
TBCTitansPanthersCbus Super StadiumTBCTBC
TBCSea EaglesRaidersBrookvale OvalTBCTBC
TBCWarriorsTigersMt Smart StadiumTBCTBC
TBCKnightsRabbitohsHunter StadiumTBCTBC
TBCEelsDragonsPirtek StadiumTBCTBC
Round 26
TBCBroncosRoostersSuncorp StadiumTBCTBC
TBCBulldogsRabbitohsANZ StadiumTBCTBC
TBCWarriorsEelsMt Smart StadiumTBCTBC
TBCCowboysTitans1300Smiles StadiumTBCTBC
TBCPanthersSea EaglesPepper StadiumTBCTBC
TBCDragonsKnightsJubilee OvalTBCTBC
TBCTigersRaidersLeichhardt OvalTBCTBC
Finals Week One
TBC (QF1)1st4thTBCNineTBC
TBC (QF2)2nd3rdTBCNineTBC
TBC (EF1)5th8thTBCNineTBC
TBC (EF2)6th7thTBCNineTBC
Finals Week Two
TBC (SF1)Loser QF1Winner EF1TBCNineTBC
TBC (SF2)Loser QF2Winner EF2TBCNineTBC
Finals Week Three
TBC (PF1)Winner QF1Winner SF2TBCNineTBC
TBC (PF2)Winner QF2Winner SF1TBCNineTBC
Grand Final
DateTeam 1Team 2VenueTVTime
Sat 2 OctWinner PF1Winner PF2ANZ StadiumNineTBC