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NRL Fixtures and Schedule 2017 season has been listed below round by round.  National rugby league NRL 2017 All these matches will be live on LiveStreamRugby when it happen.

Sharks will open the 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership in a blockbuster match against the Brisbane Broncos on Thursday 2 March in Brisbane. The NRL 2017 season ends on Sunday, October 1 with the NRL Grand Final and The State Of Origin series 2017 will begin on Wednesday, 31 May 2017 at Suncorp Stadium.

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Round 1
Thurs, March 2SharksBroncosSouthern Cross Group StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Fri, March 3BulldogsStormBelmore StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, March 3RabbitohsTigersANZ StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Sat, March 4DragonsPanthersJubilee OvalFox4:30 pm
Sat, March 4CowboysRaiders1300Smiles StadiumFox7:00 pm
Sat, March 4TitansRoostersCBus Super StadiumFox9:00 pm
Mon, March 5WarriorsKnightsMt Smart StadiumFox2:00 pm
Mon, March 5Sea EaglesEelsBrookvale OvalNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 2
Thurs, March 9RoostersBulldogsAllianz StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Fri, March 10WarriorsStormMt Smart StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, March 10BroncosCowboysSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Sat, March 11KnightsTitansMcDonald Jones StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, March 11Sea EaglesRabbitohsBrookvale OvalFox5:30 pm
Sat, March 11RaidersSharksGIO StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, March 12TigersPanthersCampbelltown StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Sun, March 12DragonsEelsWIN StadiumFox6:30 pm
Round 3
Thurs, March 16StormBroncosAAMI ParkNine, Fox8:05 pm
Fri, March 17BulldogsWarriorsForsyth Barr StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, March 17TitansEelsCBus Super StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Sat, March 18KnightsRabbitohsMcDonald Jones StadiumFox4:30 pm
Sat, March 18PanthersRoostersPepper StadiumFox7:00 pm
Sat, March 18CowboysSea Eagles1300Smiles StadiumFox9:00 pm
Sun, March 19RaidersTigersGIO StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Sun, March 19SharksDragonsSouthern Cross Group StadiumFox6:30 pm
Round 4
Thurs, March 23RabbitohsRoostersANZ StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Fri, March 24PanthersKnightsPepper StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, March 24BroncosRaidersSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Sat, March 25Sea EaglesBulldogsBrookvale OvalFox4:30 pm
Sat, March 25EelsSharksANZ StadiumFox7:00 pm
Sat, March 25TitansCowboysCBus Super StadiumFox9:00 pm
Sun, March 26TigersStormLeichhardt OvalNine, Fox4:00 pm
Sun, March 26DragonsWarriorsJubilee OvalFox6:30 pm
Round 5
Thurs, March 30BulldogsBroncosANZ StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Fri, March 31RoostersSea EaglesAllianz StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, March 31CowboysRabbitohs1300Smiles StadiumNine, Fox8:05 pm
Sat, April 1SharksKnightsSouthern Cross Group StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, April 1RaidersEelsGIO StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, April 1StormPanthersAAMI ParkFox7:30 pm
Sun, April 2WarriorsTitansMt Smart StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, April 2TigersDragonsANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 6
Thurs, April 6BroncosRoostersSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, April 7KnightsBulldogsMcDonald Jones StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, April 7PanthersRabbitohsPepper StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, April 8Sea EaglesDragonsBrookvale OvalFox3:00 pm
Sat, April 8TitansRaidersCBus Super StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, April 8CowboysTigers1300Smiles StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, April 9WarriorsEelsMt Smart StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, April 9StormSharksAAMI ParkNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 7
Fri, April 14BulldogsRabbitohsANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Fri, April 14KnightsRoostersMcDonald Jones StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, April 14BroncosTitansSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, April 15Sea EaglesStormBrookvale OvalFox3:00 pm
Sat, April 15RaidersWarriorsGIO StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, April 15DragonsCowboysWIN StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, April 16PanthersSharksPepper StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Mon, April 17EelsTigersANZ StadiumFox4:00 pm
Round 8
Fri, April 21RaidersSea EaglesGIO StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, April 21RabbitohsBroncosANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, April 22EelsPanthersANZ StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, April 22CowboysKnights1300Smiles StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, April 22SharksTitansSouthern Cross Group StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, April 23TigersBulldogsANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Tues, April 25RoostersDragonsAllianz StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Tues, April 25StormWarriorsAAMI ParkFox7:00 pm
Round 9
Thurs, April 27BroncosPanthersSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, April 28RabbitohsSea EaglesAllianz StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, April 28CowboysEels1300Smiles StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, April 29TitansKnightsCBus Super StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, April 29BulldogsRaidersANZ StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, April 29TigersSharksLeichhardt OvalFox7:30 pm
Sun, April 30WarriorsRoostersMt Smart StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, April 30DragonsStormWIN StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 10
Thurs, May 11BulldogsCowboysANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, May 12DragonsSharksJubilee OvalFox6:00 pm
Fri, May 12TigersRabbitohsANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, May 13PanthersWarriorsPepper StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, May 13StormTitansSuncorp StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, May 13Sea EaglesBroncosSuncorp StadiumFox7:50 pm
Sun, May 14KnightsRaidersMcDonald Jones StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, May 14RoostersEelsAllianz StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 11
Thurs, May 18SharksCowboysSouthern Cross Group StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, May 19WarriorsDragonsFMG StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, May 19BroncosTigersSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, May 20TitansSea EaglesCBus Super StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, May 20EelsRaidersANZ StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, May 21KnightsPanthersMcDonald Jones StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, May 21BulldogsRoostersANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Sun, May 21RabbitohsStormNIB StadiumFox6:30 pm
Round 12
Fri, May 26RabbitohsEelsANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, May 27WarriorsBroncosMt Smart StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, May 27SharksBulldogsSouthern Cross Group StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, May 28RaidersRoostersGIO StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Byes: Cowboys, Dragons, Knights, Panthers, Sea Eagles, Storm, Tigers, Titans
State of Origin 1
Wed, May 31QueenslandNSWSuncorp StadiumNine8:00 pm
Round 13
Fri, June 2StormKnightsAAMI ParkFox6:00 pm
Fri, June 2EelsWarriorsANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, June 3DragonsTigersANZ StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, June 3RoostersBroncosAllianz StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, June 3CowboysTitans1300Smiles StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, June 4Sea EaglesRaidersBrookvale OvalFox2:00 pm
Sun, June 4BulldogsPanthersANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Byes: Rabbitohs, Sharks
Round 14
Thurs, June 8SharksStormSouthern Cross Group StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, June 9Sea EaglesKnightsBrookvale OvalFox6:00 pm
Fri, June 9BroncosRabbitohsSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, June 10TitansWarriorsCBus Super StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, June 10PanthersRaidersCarrington ParkFox5:30 pm
Sat, June 10EelsCowboysTIO StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, June 11TigersRoostersCampbelltown StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Mon, June 12BulldogsDragonsANZ StadiumFox4:00 pm
Round 15
Fri, June 16RabbitohsTitansANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, June 17StormCowboysAAMI ParkFox5:30 pm
Sat, June 17SharksTigersSouthern Cross Group StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, June 18EelsDragonsANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Byes: Broncos, Bulldogs, Knights, Panthers, Raiders, Roosters, Sea Eagles, Warriors
State of Origin 2
Wed, June 21NSWQueenslandANZ StadiumNine8:00 pm
Round 16
Fri, June 23WarriorsBulldogsMt Smart StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, June 23TigersTitansCampbelltown StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, June 24CowboysPanthers1300Smiles StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, June 24RaidersBroncosGIO StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, June 24RoostersStormAdelaide OvalFox7:30 pm
Sun, June 25DragonsKnightsUOW Jubilee OvalFox2:00 pm
Sun, June 25SharksSea EaglesSouthern Cross Group StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Byes: Eels, Rabbitohs
Round 17
Thurs, June 29EelsBulldogsANZ StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, June 30TitansDragonsCBus Super StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, June 30BroncosStormSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, July 1RoostersSharksCentral Coast StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, July 1Sea EaglesWarriorsNIB StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, July 1RaidersCowboysGIO StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, July 2KnightsTigersMcDonald Jones StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, July 2RabbitohsPanthersANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 18
Fri, July 7RoostersRabbitohsAllianz StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, July 8PanthersSea EaglesPepper StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, July 8StormEelsAAMI ParkFox7:30 pm
Sun, July 9BulldogsKnightsBelmore StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Byes: Broncos, Cowboys, Dragons, Raiders, Sharks, Tigers, Titans, Warriors
State of Origin 3
Wed, July 12QueenslandNSWSuncorp StadiumNine8:00 pm
Round 19
Fri, July 14WarriorsPanthersMt Smart StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, July 14RaidersDragonsGIO StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, July 15KnightsBroncosMcDonald Jones StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, July 15TitansSharksCBus Super StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, July 16Sea EaglesTigersBrookvale OvalFox2:00 pm
Sun, July 16RabbitohsCowboysCairns StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Byes: Bulldogs, Eels, Roosters, Storm
Round 20
Thurs, July 20BroncosBulldogsSuncorp StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Fri, July 21RoostersKnightsAllianz StadiumFox6:00 pm
Fri, July 21SharksRabbitohsSouthern Cross Group StadiumNine, Fox7:50 pm
Sat, July 22PanthersTitansPepper StadiumFox3:00 pm
Sat, July 22RaidersStormGIO StadiumFox5:30 pm
Sat, July 22CowboysWarriors1300Smiles StadiumFox7:30 pm
Sun, July 23DragonsSea EaglesWIN StadiumFox2:00 pm
Sun, July 23TigersEelsANZ StadiumNine, Fox4:00 pm
Round 21
TBCWarriorsSharksMt Smart StadiumFoxTBC
TBCKnightsDragonsMcDonald Jones StadiumFoxTBC
TBCRabbitohsRaidersANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCRoostersCowboysAllianz StadiumFoxTBC
TBCStormSea EaglesAAMI ParkFoxTBC
TBCPanthersBulldogsPepper StadiumFoxTBC
TBCEelsBroncosANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCTitansTigersCBus Super StadiumFoxTBC
Round 22
TBCDragonsRabbitohsSydney Cricket GroundFoxTBC
TBCKnightsWarriorsMcDonald Jones StadiumFoxTBC
TBCTitansBroncosCBus Super StadiumFoxTBC
TBCSharksRaidersSouthern Cross Group StadiumFoxTBC
TBCSea EaglesRoostersBrookvale OvalFoxTBC
TBCBulldogsEelsANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCCowboysStorm1300Smiles StadiumFoxTBC
TBCPanthersTigersPepper StadiumFoxTBC
Round 23
TBCEelsKnightsANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCDragonsTitansUOW Jubilee OvalFoxTBC
TBCStormRoostersAAMI ParkFoxTBC
TBCPanthersCowboysPepper StadiumFoxTBC
TBCWarriorsRaidersMt Smart StadiumFoxTBC
TBCRabbitohsBulldogsANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCBroncosSharksSuncorp StadiumFoxTBC
TBCTigersSea EaglesLeichardt OvalFoxTBC
Round 24
TBCRabbitohsWarriorsANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCKnightsStormMcDonald Jones StadiumFoxTBC
TBCRoostersTigersAllianz StadiumFoxTBC
TBCCowboysSharks1300Smiles StadiumFoxTBC
TBCRaidersPanthersGIO StadiumFoxTBC
TBCEelsTitansANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCBroncosDragonsSuncorp StadiumFoxTBC
TBCBulldogsSea EaglesANZ StadiumFoxTBC
Round 25
TBCRaidersKnightsGIO StadiumFoxTBC
TBCWarriorsSea EaglesMt Smart StadiumFoxTBC
TBCSharksRoostersSouthern Cross Group StadiumFoxTBC
TBCStormRabbitohsAAMI ParkFoxTBC
TBCPanthersDragonsPepper StadiumFoxTBC
TBCBroncosEelsSuncorp StadiumFoxTBC
TBCTigersCowboysCampbelltown StadiumFoxTBC
TBCTitansBulldogsCBus Super StadiumFoxTBC
Round 26
TBCRoostersTitansAllianz StadiumFoxTBC
TBCSea EaglesPanthersBrookvale OvalFoxTBC
TBCStormRaidersAAMI ParkFoxTBC
TBCKnightsSharksMcDonald Jones StadiumFoxTBC
TBCTigersWarriorsLeichardt OvalFoxTBC
TBCCowboysBroncos1300Smiles StadiumFoxTBC
TBCEelsRabbitohsANZ StadiumFoxTBC
TBCDragonsBulldogsANZ StadiumFoxTBC
Finals Week 1
Preliminary Finals
Grand Final
Sun, Oct 1TBCTBCANZ StadiumNineTBC