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New Zealand Rugby will now begin work on the ITM Cup draw for 2016 which will be completed. Next season’s 2016 ITM Cup will kick-off on Thursday 18 August 2016.

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Rugby ITM Cup Full Season fixture matches for 2015 season as follows:


DateGameVenueTime (NZ)Result
Week 1
13 AugSouthland v AucklandInvercargill7:35 PM23-23
14 AugWaikato v TasmanHamilton6:05 PM20-35
14 AugBay of Plenty v North HarbourTauranga8:05 PM20-11
15 AugTaranaki v WellingtonNew Plymouth2:35 PM14-19
15 AugOtago v CanterburyDunedin4:35 PM24-38
16 AugCounties Manukau v ManawatuPukekohe2:35 PM36-35
16 AugHawke’s Bay v NorthlandNapier4:35 PM39-10
Week 2
20 AugNorth Harbour v WellingtonAlbany7:35 PM0-43
21 AugTasman v Bay of PlentyNelson7:35 PM34-13
22 AugManawatu v WaikatoPalmerston North2:35 PM21-28
22 AugNorthland v SouthlandWhangarei5:35 PM18-27
22 AugOtago v Hawke’s BayDunedin7:35 PM22-39
23 AugAuckland v TaranakiAuckland2:35 PM30-24
23 AugCanterbury v Counties ManukauChristchurch4:35 PM20-15
Week 3
26 AugBay of Plenty v SouthlandTauranga7:35 PM26-10
27 AugTasman v ManawatuBlenheim7:35 PM41-21
28 AugCounties Manukau v Hawke’s BayPukekohe7:35 PM11-35
29 AugAuckland v CanterburyAuckland2:35 PM21-27
29 AugTaranaki v OtagoNew Plymouth5:35 PM27-34
29 AugWellington v NorthlandWellington7:35 PM29-0
30 AugBay of Plenty v WaikatoTauranga2:35 PM10-43
30 AugSouthland v North HarbourInvercargill4:35 PM25-26
Week 4
02 SepTaranaki v Counties ManukauNew Plymouth7:35 PM17-10
03 SepManawatu v CanterburyPalmerston North7:35 PM7-57
04 SepOtago v TasmanDunedin7:35 PM17-34
05 SepWaikato v AucklandHamilton2:35 PM28-50
05 SepSouthland v WellingtonInvercargill5:35 PM3-53
05 SepHawke’s Bay v North HarbourNapier7:35 PM48-32
06 SepNorthland v TaranakiWhangarei2:35 PM7-50
06 SepCounties Manukau v Bay of PlentyPukekohe4:35 PM26-37
Week 5
09 SepAuckland v ManawatuAuckland7:35 PM45-28
10 SepWaikato v SouthlandHamilton7:35 PM30-25
11 SepWellington v TasmanWellington7:35 PM17-36
12 SepNorth Harbour v Counties ManukauAlbany2:35 PM28-20
12 SepBay of Plenty v TaranakiRotorua5:35 PM9-32
12 SepCanterbury v Hawke’s BayChristchurch7:35 PM29-14
13 SepAuckland v OtagoAuckland2:35 PM35-29
13 SepManawatu v NorthlandPalmerston North4:35 PM42-17
Week 6
16 SepTasman v North HarbourNelson7:35 PM39-20
17 SepWellington v OtagoWellington7:35 PM36-37
18 SepTaranaki v WaikatoNew Plymouth7:35 PM41-0
19 SepHawke’s Bay v Bay of PlentyNapier2:35 PM23-17
19 SepSouthland v ManawatuInvercargill5:35 PM49-14
19 SepNorthland v Counties ManukauWhangarei7:35 PM17-42
20 SepNorth Harbour v CanterburyAlbany2:35 PM10-17
20 SepTasman v AucklandBlenheim4:35 PM19-28
Week 7
23 SepCanterbury v WaikatoChristchurch7:35 PM18-17
24 SepHawke’s Bay v AucklandNapier7:35 PM17-12
25 SepNorthland v Bay of PlentyWhangarei7:35 PM5-37
26 SepCounties Manukau v TasmanPukekohe2:35 PM42-33
26 SepOtago v SouthlandDunedin5:35 PM61-7
26 SepManawatu v North HarbourPalmerston North7:35 PM31-17
27 SepWaikato v WellingtonHamilton2:35 PM14-21
27 SepCanterbury v TaranakiChristchurch4:35 PM21-24
Week 8
30 SepWellington v Hawke’s BayWellington7:35 PM22-22
01 OctNorth Harbour v OtagoAlbany7:35 PM32-39
02 OctWaikato v Counties ManukauHamilton7:35 PM9-30
03 OctTasman v CanterburyNelson2:35 PM25-41
03 OctManawatu v TaranakiPalmerston North5:35 PM10-41
03 OctAuckland v NorthlandAuckland7:35 PM64-21
04 OctSouthland v Hawke’s BayInvercargill2:35 PM28-35
04 OctBay of Plenty v WellingtonMt Maunganui4:35 PM13-31
Week 9
07 OctNorthland v OtagoWhangarei7:35 PM36-54
08 OctTaranaki v TasmanNew Plymouth7:35 PM17-35
09 OctHawke’s Bay v WaikatoNapier7:35 PM30-36
10 OctCanterbury v SouthlandChristchurch2:35 PM39-20
10 OctWellington v ManawatuWellington5:35 PM33-39
10 OctCounties Manukau v AucklandPukekohe7:35 PM16-31
11 OctNorth Harbour v NorthlandAlbany2:35 PM36-12
11 OctOtago v Bay of PlentyDunedin4:35 PM43-30


2015 ITM Cup Finals

DateGameVenueTime (NZ)Result
2015 ITM Cup Finals
16 OctPrem Semi 1 – Auckland v TasmanAuckland7:35 PM44-24
17 OctChamp Semi 1 – Hawke’s Bay v Bay of PlentyNapier2:35 PM33-26
17 OctPrem Semi 2 – Canterbury v TaranakiChristchurch5:05 PM46-20
17 OctChamp Semi 2 – Wellington v OtagoWellington7:35 PM34-14
23 OctFinal – Hawke’s Bay v WellingtonNapier7:35 PM26-25
24 OctFinal – Canterbury v AucklandChristchurch7:35 PM25-23


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